Year 2013

6 min readJun 16, 2021

I have close to 7 Hard disks, mostly filled with tons of photographs of the years gone by. I got into photography quite early and that coincided with cameras moving on to smart phones. Boy, I was on some clicking spree.

So when one out of these seven decided to stay alive. I quickly copy pasted those images and decided to blog about it.

The year on focus was ?? Yes you guessed it right, was from the Year 2013. Let me see how much i can recollect and phrase simple stories from the year that was.

I saved tons of motivational quote. This was one of my favourites from Mandela.

My fascination of collecting action figurines started here. This was my first collection, which I later built on. I used to hate it when people refer to these collectibles/action figurines as TOYS.

Google back then celebrated anything random. This one time we celebrated Sachins milestone with a huge cake and a simple spread of 30 items.

The only time I bumped into an IPL team at an airport. It wad nice to get a glimpse of Dhoni and Sir Jadeja. Could not recognise anyone else.

No city like Delhi. Period. There is always something to do and I love that about her. Mumbai may have the energy, but there is purpose in Delhi.

Sir Alex retires. What a horrid day this was, any United fan will tell you about it. I was shooting a wedding in Delhi and had to sneak into my room to watch this while the baraat was going on. Glad the clients never noticed pictures from that session missing.

Mother came down for a weekend and wasn't too happy with the service at Paradise.

SPLEX, our house name. These are some of the most amazing set of boys I have ever met. Always looked out for each other. Also if u notice the table on the far right, well those were my GMAT books. It wad easy to resell them coz they seemed and felt new, even after a year !

Home, Bangalore. This is straight from mothers garden. I remember this being my wallpaper on the phone for a long long time.

I miss this. Train journeys.

Before Club 8, there was “Something Fishy”. A lovely spot by the lake which was run by AP tourism. Cheap, good food along with some beer. Set !

Charminar was always special. Food to die for, not kidding it like literally knocked me out with a serious case of Typhoid. Still worth it.

I would return to Bangalore to recover and more importantly be super pampered by the parents. I was home for a month and took even longer before I could have have food from the outside. For a foodie like me, this jail time was horrid

Post the Dussehra festivities in Bangalore, i attended the Russel Peter’s stand up special. First stand up show for me and boy it was a blast.

I would be in Goa a month later to shoot for Lovell’s wedding. Now since Lovell grew up in Goa, knew all the hidden gems to hit up. This was the view from a road side shack while munching on Chorizo Paav. Bliss.

Monsoon in Goa is extra special. The greenery around you lights up and the emptiness around is a welcome change. Hit up Goa during monsoons if you haven’t already !!

Being humble is second nature to us and functions like weddings is legal way to showcase that. I remember shooting this wedding and finding their card quite unique.

Hard Rock appears numerous times through the year simply coz that was the only place not serving Biryani and oh also served beef burgers.

Lovell managed to get hold of couple of tickets for a local club match. It was absolute fun watching the drunk locals having a go at anyone on the pitch. Mind you, no one was spared.

I played a lot of FIFA during my free time aka office hours. This resulted in me beating my fellow partner in crime quite a bit.

Birthdays has always been special for me. Infact I still celebrate it like I just turned 16. These were shots lined up for me to have with every person who entered. Needless to say it was a wrap for me in 30 mins.

I was quite busy with wedding shoots that year. I finally upgraded to my first full frame, which I still use till date.

FIFA at office and some real football post office hours had become a routine. Since first aid was always priority, this is how we transported injured players to their vehicles.

Visiting Falakkanuma the first time was special, this was the view from the palace overlooking the city.

Does Mumbai ever disappoint ?

One can find the most creative store names in small towns. Came across this one fine morning in Coorg.

This was the state of Lore Asvasidh back when I finalised on it. It looked much better back then.

Back when Govind Ki Bandi was a ritual.

Closed the year off with a nice suit and some obesity.

So that was all that happened in 2013. Now hoping another one of my Hard Disk opens up. NO ?