Who Are You, Kamala ?

4 min readNov 9, 2020


Biden and Kamala are the toast of the season, but what if the toast is burnt ? Well does it matter ? Not for now atleast. This was the light at the end of tunnel many hoped to reach. America was reborn again.

As the Democrats settle down after a tough election season, they surely realise it was definitely no where close to a landslide victory they hoped for. Fact remains, Donald put up a fight, a good one. A lot of political analysts still believe, COVID stole the presidency away from Donald. Inspite of his million lies and faults, a good chuck of Americans still believed that he was the right person to make America great again.

The left/Democrats wanted Donald out so bad that they ended up voting for a 78 year old system politician who is a war monger, promoted the Iraq bloodbath, supported Defense of Marriage Act, the Patriot Act and helped strip Bankruptcy protection from middle class Americans just before the recession and lest we forget his health issues which may not allow him to complete office. But there is enough documentation about Biden, including how his hands go a free run every time a kid is around.

Andrew Yang summed it up well : “If you listen to Joe talk about it, his main argument is that his election is going to be a restoration of the Obama-Biden administration, in essence, which is a move, literally, backwards in time. And so to me, saying that we can somehow erase not just Donald Trump’s presidency, but all of the reasons why people voted for Donald Trump, to me is not correct.”

Biden & Kamala’s win should be a great reminder of this : “Let’s not forget that the enemy of our enemy isn’t always our friend.”

Another reason for celebration in America was having it’s first ever Female VP in Kamala Harris. A first Madam Vice President. Media went ballistic, feminists had a new poster child, glass ceilings were shattered, goals had to be redefined, parents now want their daughters to be like Kamala.

What was funny was how US continued to pretend that they lead the way for women empowerment and how electing Kamala Harris as VP was a telletale sign while forgetting that the world has had powerful female world leaders in Indra Gandhi (India), Margaret Thatcher (UK), Angela Merkel (Germany), Jacinda Arden (NZ) amongst others, before.

Kamala Harris, very little is know of her apart from the lineage bit which is all that liberals seem to be obsessing over apart from the “Oh look, we now have a women leader” statements. Lets look at some of her beliefs, stances and work that lead her to stand next to Biden :

  • Kamala Harris served as California’s attorney general from 2011 through 2016 and before that as San Francisco’s district attorney.
  • Kamala put over 1,500 people (Mostly Blacks) in jail for marijuana violations in California, a substantial number were minor violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. Years later she would admit to smoking/inhaling pot.
  • Kamala blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so.
  • She was accused of keeping people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California
  • Kamala opposed a bill to require her office to investigate shootings by police, and she declined to weigh in on state ballot measures to legalize recreational marijuana and to reduce penalties for nonviolent crimes.
  • But during the Democrats presidential candidate debate, Harris said she supports marijuana legalization.
  • Sub Reddit r/BLM had a good discussion on why Biden and Kamala may not do much to curb growing racism issues in the US because of their shoddy past.
  • Kamla Harris has long said that she’s personally opposed to the death penalty, and she demonstrated that sentiment as district attorney. Just days after San Francisco police officer Isaac Espinoza was shot and killed while on patrol in 2004, Harris announced she would not seek the death penalty in the case which caused lot of uproar from the police department. Yet nearly a decade later, as attorney general in 2015, Harris defended California’s death penalty law in court after a judge ruled it unconstitutional.
  • Kamala was drummed out of the Democratic leadership race pretty quickly and didn’t really bring anything to the ticket other than checking progressive boxes not before implying Biden was a racist segregationists and calling out his sexual harassment allegations. Yet decided to stand by him for the elections.

In closing Kamala is a politician and politics is an ugly game to play. When all the excitement settles down, I hope people see through and reset their expectation from not just Kamala Harris but Joe Biden too. I don’t see enough reasons on why she should be celebrated. Her appointment as a running mate to Biden was nothing more than to target the vote banks of the left and the women demographic. While she has a great chance of piggybacking herself to the presidency post, she has a long journey ahead to be even considered in the same breath as the powerful women leaders of the past and present.

Source : https://theappeal.org/kamala-harris-criminal-justice-record-killed-her-presidential-run/


Also Tulsi Gabbard is such a bad ass, watch her take out Kamala Harris :